You are going to find the golden key to enter this magical world in the writings below. In these, however ,my aim is not to give needlessly technical information about amphoras. Namely, you will not be able to find such approaches as “that amphora is that” or “its history is this” in these writings.
Firstly, I want to state that an amphora is not just an amphora for me. It is a visual symbol of the culture it belongs to. And what is essential is to be able to see and present the background of this culture and history.
While you are reading the adventure of amphoras, you should also learn about the important events and important people of those times, and their cloth and finery, food and drink and life philosophies as well.
Because, an amphora doesn’t tell you anything unless you know the adventures taken place from vintage to the production of wine and amphora , from selling olives to shipping , from ship construction to sea trading ways and even sinking of ships.

What has made me write about this subject is not the wide and endless information I have but my intention to share if I know a single word that you dont know about amphoras.
Another aim of mine is also to endear the amphoras to people who are not interested in them. Thus, while explaning amphoras I used a fancy literary language (namely bait) instead of a hard scientific language in introductions so that the reader can easily read and find them attractive.

And i have also added my feelings to these fancy articles. Consequently, you can accept these writings as semi-scientific.
I will present the amphoras in my collection in a complete scientific discypline in the 1st part of my amphora book that will be published in the future, whereas I wish to present the 2nd part with a sincere narration again for everybody’s comprehension (just like in these writings ).
I love amphoras. I attach high value to them. Like yourself, I wonder about amphoras and their pasts. You know that somebody learns when he/ she wonders and loves. “The Amphora collection of Mustafa Aydemir “ , perhaps one of the greatest amphora collections of the world, has been taken form with this love and interest.

My greatest goal is to be able to present these nice works belonging to all humankind with a nice museum in the future to humanity.

The articles that you will read here are the ones published in Deniz Magazine between the years 1999 – 2002.(And I think, they will keep their up-to-dateness forever.)

It’s very satisfacty to see that,since then the articles has acted as a database for the academics and scientists,enabling many researches from Turkey and abroad to contact me.Again this articles has been subjects for thesis,the article “Samples from the Rhodes Islands and the Trade in Archaic Ages Rhodes” has been put into the textbooks in universities.

Let’s open the doors now with just a “click”,and get into the magic and fantastic world of amphoras.


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