Mustafa Aydemir was born in 1953, Antalya. He graduated from Antalya High School in 1972 and in 1979 from Istanbul Devlet Güzel Sanatlar Akademi.

In 1975 he took his first pilot's license from Turkish Skin Diver Club. Following this he took experienced deep water skin diver pilot's license. And he worked as a diver teacher. He presided for diver school and technical committee in the same club.

In 1977 he worked for excavating Serçe Harbor Byzantium sunken with Prof. George Bass and his group in the name of Texas University. He dived to first and second world wars sunken and antique sunken.

He wrote articles about sea, sunken and fishes to Mavi Dünya, Sualti Dünyasi and Deniz Magazin for long years. He wrote to Deniz Magazin about Amphoras between 1999 - 2003 years. These series of Amphora articles became thesis subject for universities.

He constituted the biggest collection of the amphora since 1981 which is registered in Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

In 1955 he dived to France War Ship Paris III sunken off Antalya – Kemer.
He searched this for nine years. He exposed the secret of this forgotten history and surfaced these. And he documented these secrets with a book which was named
 “I am a Turkish Officer – Artillery Captain Mustafa Ertugrul” (''Ben Bir Türk Zabitiyim-Topcu Yüzbasi Mustafa Ertugrul ''

After this Mustafa Aydemir’s next target is publish to his amphora book. He wants to collect his articles about sunken, sea and fishes in a book. And also he wants to help to open a special Underwater and Amphora Museum for our country.
He wants to provide to become reality for a humanity and peace monument off
Antalya – Kemer rising from the sea.

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